Local Live Shots

A handful of some local live band shoots!

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Tours and Festival shots!

some shots from other shows with bands you may have heard of!


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Local Band Photography

Coming from an active band myself, I understand that it can be frustrating to not have any cool live shots to share! It is important to a lot of bands to show their followers just how much fun their shows look, not to just tell them! Not all venues have an in house photographer... That's where I come in! As long as you inform the venue that you have invited a photographer to join you, and my admission is taken care of, I will be happy to come down to a gig fairly local to myself (Hertfordshire & Essex).

I am still very new to this so at the moment, I do not charge bands for their photos. This being said, I will spend time editing photos when I get a chance. Although it may be cheeky to say, I would not turn down any donations made to this business, as it can be difficult to keep running without some income! Donations help me spend more time editing photos and also help me attend many more shows! If you see me and a show and want some photos taken, just ask!

Hope to snap you at some shows soon!